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UNESCO promotes the Arab culture: so is Amsa Hospitality!

UNESCO Arabia Plan to promote Arab culture - An aim shared by Amsa Hospitality

When you browse the Internet only to satisfy your curiosity, without any particular aim, you often end up with very interesting news:

For instance, did you know that the Paris-based UNESCO signed in 1989 an agreement with the Arab Group, a cultural and intercultural initiative called the Arabia Plan?

I didn't. The Plan recognizes the importance of the Arabian culture for the preservation of the world civilization and knowledge, such as preserving the works of Ancient Greek philosophers and Roman scholars which would have been lost otherwise. Not mentioning the invaluable knowledge such as algebra, mathematics (with the invention of the '0' that was unknown before and made the world we are living in today possible), medicine, astronomy... just to name a few built and developed in the Middle East!

We must be grateful to the UNESCO to show how important the past and modern Arabian culture is to the world. It is the duty of all of us living in Arabian lands today to keep carrying high the torch of knowledge.

This is exactly what Amsa Hospitality is all about: Through a global hotel network, bringing the ancestral Arabian traditions of welcoming and generosity to today's world. Sure, we will not develop a new mathematical theorem to make our ancestors proud, but we bring past and modern Arabian art-de-vivre for the world to experience and enjoy.

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