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the Amsa Hospitality way

Arabian generosity

Amsa Hospitality celebrates the centuries-old Arabian tradition of generosity and welcoming

Amsa Hospitality celebrates the Arabian centuries-old traditions of generosity and welcoming in the most up-to-date, lifestyle-oriented environment.

For centuries, in Arab countries, travelers and guests are greeted with genuine pleasure, with the biggest smile and the warmest "Marhaba!"; hosts always ensuring that their guests receive the best treatment, using every opportunity to honor them. 

Indeed, since the beginning of times generosity is ingrained into the Arab culture!


 This is this heritage of genuinely giving and heartily sharing that we dream to give once again to everyone:

Amsa Hospitality is the first ever Saudi Arabia-born hospitality group that brings the best of the Arabian culture to the world, sustained by the latest user-friendly technology.

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