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grow your career with Amsa Hospitality

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Working at Amsa Hospitality is a dream come true.

Now you too, you can join the dream - check out our Jobs Portal now!

A proud citizen company, Amsa Hospitality is constantly looking for the best individuals who are willing to redefine with us what being an Arabian hospitality group means.

If you like to think outside the proverbial box, are sustainability-conscious, enjoy the freedom to be creative and working with a great team of fun-loving individuals as dedicated and innovative as you are, you cannot find better than Amsa Hospitality!

Wherever you are from, join Team Amsa, a multicultural team of talented individuals who invent everyday the future of Arabian hospitality:

We work hard (while respecting our work / life balance!), we have fun, we laugh a lot, we share, we brainstorm all the time. We make a difference.
Being fluent in English is mandatory.

All sounds good and well, but how does it translate in real life?

You work for one of our hotels

Well, you know how working for a hotel is...

What we guarantee is that we are respecting your work / life balance, as well as making your work environment always a fun and challenging place:
We want you to be happy to get up every morning and go to work.
We want you to be a great professional and grow with us!

You work for our Head-offices

We fully implemented the hybrid model:

Except for few positions, like office receptionist, you are free to come and go to the office whenever you like or need to - nevertheless, you must come at least once a week or for meetings where you presence is mandatory.
Work from home, the office or your favorite coffeeshop, it's up to you.

That's what you can call perfect work / life balance!

In exchange for so much freedom and trust, you are simply required to meet all your deadlines, always provide the best quality of work (meet all your OKRs and KPIs), be continuously innovative, and be a fun teammate your colleagues know they can always count on.

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let's re-invent hospitality together!

we are Arabian hospitality

You cannot find your dream job in our Jobs Portal?
No problem:
Complete the form below
(do not forget to join your latest updated CV and / or LinkedIn profile), and we will get back to you as soon as there is an opportunity right for you!

join the dream!

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grow your career with Amsa Hospitality

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