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Amsa Hospitality: we promote our Arab roots, globally!

Amsa Hospitality promotes and celebrates the Arabian art of welcoming and generosity the world over.

Here we are! This is the final conversation of this series with Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’s President of Hospitality. Our followers and readers sent so many questions that it was not easy to select the last one! If more keep coming, maybe we will make another round of questions in a few months’ time if you don’t mind, Denis.

Q: I would like to go back to Amsa Hospitality’ slogan, “Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality”. During our very first conversation, you explained what this expression means. Still, could you specify exactly what you understand by ‘Arabian hospitality’? A: Arabian hospitality’ is what defines us first and foremost.

Mohammad Alathel, Amsa Hospitality’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer, discussed this topic in his previous and this week blog. Once more, I urge you to read it: it is really informative. Mohammad explained in much details in his blog posts about the train of thoughts that led to the concept of Amsa Hospitality and our dedication to promoting millennia-old Arab culture of generosity and welcoming.

On the other hand, during our conversations, if I didn’t clearly demonstrate how it translates in our everyday's life, I mentioned part of it when I was talking about the way we deal with each other as Team Amsa members, or with our business partners. What’s more, our dedication to the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also an extension to Arabian hospitality, a major part of it being generosity and care.

What I haven’t discussed yet is what does it mean for hotels owned and managed by Amsa Hospitality. First, you have properties – like the Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport – that are managed by an international hospitality group. Of course, these groups have their own rules regarding service standards, human resources policies, decors and so on. Where our ‘Arabian hospitality’ motto systematically appears is in an element of decors that will remind everyone – employees and guests – of our Arab culture, wherever in the world that hotel might be. Also, we always ensure that these hotels propose to their guests service standards that will remind them without any doubt of the Arabian culture and way of life: From the mouth-watering Saudi coffee and dates to the very down-to-earth toilet showers.

We do have more freedom to express our Arab roots when it comes to hotel managed directly by Amsa Hospitality. There, wherever the hotel might be in the world, we do implement Amsa Hospitality policies all the way: From our approach to field colleagues management, to decors, service standards, room features, and more. Everything must tell guests and colleagues from a different background about the Arabian culture of hospitality. Our on-site associates must live it and be proud of representing it. Non-Arab guests must be happy to discover a culture that they only remotely know – from movies and shows -, learn to enjoy it, and always come back to us because they feel and love the warmth of our Arabian welcome. Arab guests come to us in priority because the choose to stay in their new home far away from home, in a hotel that understands their specific cultural needs, like no one else can do regardless how hard they try.

Interesting. Now I understand better how our hotels’ guests can also live the difference with Amsa Hospitality! Q: How would you like to conclude our series of conversations? A: First, let me say that I truly enjoyed answering the questions asked by Amsa Hospitality followers and readers! Like every member of Team Amsa, I am very happy and proud to see the high level of interest our company generates among the global hoteliers community.

It's only the beginning! Let me quote our Founder & CEO, Mohammad Alathel:

Amsa Hospitality is about redefining Arabian hospitality like never before. We are pioneers, we invent tomorrow’s hospitality as we go. Not only for our region, but for the world.

Those visionary words say it all: There is nothing else to add, except that being part of the team that works on such an excited project is a privilege.

I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’s President of Hospitality, for answering these redefining questions.

And for you, our continuously increasing number of followers and readers, thank you for being with us, and I look forward to seeing you again next week for Amsa Hospitality’s never ending posts!

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