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Amsa Hospitality: we love Arabian art!

Amsa Hospitality is promoting Saudi artists
Artist: Kamal Al Mualem - Photo credit:

The other day, I was browsing the excellent Destination KSA Web site, and was totally engrossed by an article titled "8 Saudi artists you should know about".

To tell you the truth, I was fascinated by these artists and how diverse is their art, how they take back our Arabian ancestral traditions and culture codes to transform them to today's artistic expression. (Don't that remind you something? Amsa Hospitality vision, maybe?!)

As a horse lover, I have a preference for Kamal Al Mualem, but all of them, in their own right, deserve to be recognized.

While reading this article, I was thinking of Amsa Hospitality's Founder & CEO, Mohammad Al Athel, recent blog post who explained how we aim at promoting actively the new Arabian cultural scene, talking about our hotels' interior design: "Prominently displayed, we showcase Saudi and other GCC artists may them be painters, sculptors, or video artists.'

Saudi Arabia, in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, is changing to the best, fast. These and other artists, as those collaborating to Edge of Arabia for instance, deserve to be promoted. The general public must know them.

This is one of the top missions Amsa Hospitality set itself. We are proud of it.

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