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the Amsa Hospitality way

Arabian design

Amsa Hospitality promotes the Arabian artistic scene in all our properties, worldwide

Amsa Hospitality proudly showcases today and tomorrow's Arab artists in all its properties.
The Arab artistic scene is living and kicking and we want the world to know it!

Heir of an art form that dates back to the 7th century CE, Amsa Hospitality proudly celebrates and promotes Arabian design, unique to tourn civilization; an art form that keeps gaining in popularity year after year, all around the world.


Arabian art is part of our roots, our heritage.

This is why, whenever we design or take over an existing hotel - wherever in the world it might be -, we proudly showcase this eye-pleasing, relaxing art form, well integrating it into the property's overall design, for all to see and appreciate.

We made Arabian design an Amsa Hospitality exclusive signature.

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