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the Amsa Hospitality way

hospitality, only different

the Amsa Hospitality profile

The "Amsa Hospitality profile" is where you download our Corporate Profile. Learn all about Amsa Hospitality, how a one-man vision became the successful Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality!


the Amsa Hospitality lifestyle

Innovation and care.
More than a business model, a lifestyle. Amsa Hospitality is generous  in all we do, continuously creative...

Amsa Hospitality business model aims at being a true lifestyle, based on generosity and constant innovation

the Amsa Hospitality design

Amsa Hospitality celebrates the Arabian culture, in all our hotels.

The Arabian artistic scene is imaginative, prolific: we want the world to know about it!

Amsa Hospitality promotes Arabian artists in all our properties

the Amsa Hospitality way

The "Amsa Hospitality way" is first and foremost a management style based primarily on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), where sustainability and care play the most part.

Amsa Hospitality is a true citizen company which business model is based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

the Amsa Hospitality Arabian way

Amsa Hospitality celebrates the centuries-old Arabian traditions of generosity and welcoming in the most up-to-date, lifestyle-oriented environment.

Amsa Hospitality celebrates centuries-old tradition of Arabian hospitality and generosity.

the hallmark of Arabian hospitality

Amsa Hospitality is more than your 'usual hospitality group'. It's a vision, a way of life, a celebration of Arabian hospitality and generosity.

Stained Glass Lanterns

the Amsa Hospitality assets management

Amsa Hospitality is much more than a simple firm with a great business model:
We are also owning hotels that we are profitably managing.

That makes us assets management experts!

This is the reason why so many hotels' owners ask Amsa Hospitality to manage their properties on their behalf.

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