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hallmark of Arabian sustainable hospitality

committed citizen company

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We ensure that all our decisions are made in accordance with the highest code of conduct.

We promote ethical values, such as honesty, fairness, integrity, etc. throughout all of our teams and business locations.

Amsa Hospitality is an ethical company, aiming at always doing the right thing
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We genuinely care for each other as well as our neighbors and every one we conduct business with. We aim at being the best company to deal with.

Amsa Hospitality genuinely cares for its Team members, business partners and everyone we are dealing with
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We acknowledge the communities surrounding us; we ensure that our activities do not damage them, instead we work towards making them a better place to live.

Amsa Hospitality respects the communities where its businesses are located, to make them a better place to live in.
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We welcome and celebrate new sustainably-inspired ideas, concepts, thoughts from all Team Amsa members, and implement the best of them locally or globally as relevant.

Amsa Hospitality is celebrating innovation in all its activities, wherever they come from
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