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Environment and CSR: Amsa Hospitality, a citizen company!

Amsa Hospitality: environmental conscious and Corporate Social Responsibility (citizen company) conscious

Welcome back to our conversation with Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’s President of Hospitality. Denis, our followers and readers have more questions to ask you. One that comes back a lot is about the environment: Q: In fact, during our past three conversations, you never mentioned Amsa Hospitality position related to the protection of the environment. Does that mean that Amsa Hospitality is already busy on so many fronts that the company doesn’t have the time to tackle this issue? A: In the contrary: We, at Amsa Hospitality, are very concerned by the protection of our environment. In fact, it is in our DNA. Look again at our Vision and Core Values, and you will see that environmental protection defines who we are. It makes sense: We cannot ensure the wellbeing of Team Amsa members and of our business partners if we don’t care about the environment we all live in.

It is true that you will find very little about our pledge to the environment in our corporate communication – be it in our Web site, social media posts or anywhere else. You will tell me that it doesn’t make sense, if we are so much committed to protecting our Planet we should talk about it all the time! You’re right… but only to an extent. Let me explain why: Actually, because we aim at being a true ‘green company’, because it is in our DNA, we really mean it. In other words, we are not adepts of “greenwashing”. I can see that you are not familiar with this expression! Let me explain. According to Wikipedia, “greenwashing is a form of marketing spin in which green PR and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly”. In other words, it is nothing more than a ‘make believe’.

Making believe is not Amsa Hospitality. We are truthful and we mean everything we say and do. Which explains why we haven’t yet communicated much about our dedication to the environment.

For sure, we’ll do more in the future.

Nevertheless, our followers and readers must realize that you don’t become a ‘green company’ overnight. It takes time and commitment.

It also means that you need to implement programs that have deep implications in the way we work, recruit new colleagues, purchase everyday goods, build hotels, and so much more! Even for a startup company, it is a complicated matter: You need to ensure that everyone believes in protecting our Planet, care for our environment – at work but also in our private life -, our communities. It is not an easy matter that can be decreed with a simple internal memo!

Amsa Hospitality office design supports our pledge to the environment, and we already started to implement internal policies that goes that way. I’m sure you’ll talk about it soon enough!

Q: Of course, I will, specially since I realized how important this topic is to all of us for the future of our Planet and our children! On a somehow related subject, I heard you a couple of times mentioning that Amsa Hospitality is a true CSR company. Can you explain what it means? A: First, let me tell you what CSR stands for: CSR is the acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Investopedia explains clearly what CSR means: “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. By practicing corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. To engage in CSR means that, in the ordinary course of business, a company is operating in ways that enhance society and the environment instead of contributing negatively to them.

Now, I am sure that you realize that everything we talked about since the beginning of our conversation is nothing more than good old CSR practices!

Take again the Investopedia definition, and you will recognize and understand better that Amsa Hospitality’s Vision, Core Values and everything that you see being currently implemented in your everyday work are all related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Amsa Hospitality is the “Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality”. It means that we celebrate an art of hospitality, welcoming and generosity born millennia ago in the sands of the desert. To be true to our roots, it is natural that we care for our environment and that we are a ‘citizen company’.

Being anyway different would be deceiving, and we couldn’t anymore be the hallmark that we are!

Thank you, Denis. This conversation was an eye-opener. There is so much more in Amsa Hospitality than it shows at first glance!

Let’s meet this Thursday for our last conversation with Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’ President of Hospitality, to answer a couple more of our followers and readers’ questions. See you then!

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