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Amsa Hospitality: passionate about our partners success!

Amsa Hospitality: Passionate about dealing with our business partners

Here we go again for a new set of questions asked by you, our followers and readers, to Denis Sorin - Amsa Hospitality’ President of Hospitality.

Denis, last week, you explained what it means for Amsa Hospitality to be a “people company”, and how it translates in the way we work and “live Amsa Hospitality”, as you worded it yourself. For sure, working for Amsa Hospitality is a totally different and rewarding experience!

Q: But what about our business partners? What does it mean for them to work and deal with Amsa Hospitality? A: Our aim is for our business partners to also feel rewarded when they deal with Amsa Hospitality.

Of course, we are as challenging and demanding the best from them, as we are with Amsa Team members! For us, the important word in ‘business partner’ is… ‘partner’.

We want to build long-term relationships with our partners – may them be hotel groups and fellow owners, financial institutions, or suppliers -, where we constantly demonstrate that we exclusively wish to develop win-win relationships.

Obviously, this must not be a one-way street: We expect our business partners to deal with us with the same respect and professionalism that we are operating. For example, we recently had an awful experience with a supplier who was constantly missing their own deadlines, didn’t abide by their own promises, and didn’t show any respect in the way they were dealing with us. You can rest assure that this particular company will never ever work again with Amsa Hospitality or our future branches wherever city or country that might be! They are definitively blacklisted.

Hopefully, this is not the norm. The great majority of our business partners appreciate the way we work, as our Core Values can also be interpretated to support the way we deal with them. In the way we see it, it is important for Amsa Hospitality to develop long-term positive relationships with our partners, as it is beneficial for them as much as it is for us.

In fact, being a ‘people company’ does not exclusively relate to Team Amsa members; it also relates to everyone we deal with.

Q: There is one business partner you must tell us about – the Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport. A: Of course! First, let me tell you more about Amsa Hospitality business model. As our CEO and Founder, Mohammad Alathel, explains in his weekly blog posts (retrieve them at, Amsa Hospitality is all about bringing Arabian generosity and millennia-old art of welcoming to the world. I’m sure you’ll post more on that here in the weeks and months to come as a lot is already brewing!

On the other hand, we are building, taking over or high-level managing hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. In these particular instances, we are partnering with the best international hospitality groups. The first occurrence of that activity is the beautiful Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport. It's a superb resort-like 471 rooms, suites, duplex and villas property, located only minutes away from Riyadh international and domestic airport terminals. It's complete with an all-day dining restaurant, coffee-shop, meeting-rooms, a stunning auditorium, swimming-pools, gym, spa and more.

We are very proud of our first hotel. And because we are very proud, we selected very carefully the international group in charge of operating the property.

After precise reviews, we decided for the Radisson Hotel Group (RHG). Among all their brands (from Radisson Blu, Red, Park Plaza, Park Inn and more), we selected Radisson. We are happy with our choice: The Radisson team, both at the hotel and regional Head-Office, are very much in line with our forward way of thinking. Even more so, both teams – the hotel’s and Amsa Hospitality’s – work incredibly well together.

This is a perfect example of the ‘win-win partnership’ philosophy I was talking about earlier.

The Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is the true model of the way we deal with partners. It’s only the first of a long list of properties to come.

I will make sure that our followers and readers will know more about the next hotel, and the next, and the next! I recently posted pictures of the Amsa Hospitality flag being flown at the Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport. If I understand you well, Denis, there will be more to be posted soon!

In the meantime, let’s meet again soon with Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’s President of Hospitality, to answer more of our followers and readers questions.

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