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Amsa Hospitality: Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality

Amsa Hospitality, Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality

Many of our followers are writing to us to know more about Amsa Hospitality and its one-of-a-kind project. For the next few days, we are sitting down with Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’ President of Hospitality, to get answers to all the questions our followers and readers are asking us.

Q: One of the most popular questions we get is about Amsa Hospitality slogan – “Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality”. Can you tell us more about it?

A: First, allow me to say that I’m very happy (and proud!) to see the growing interest within the hotelier community, and beyond, for Amsa Hospitality!

Actually, I believe that our motto (“Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality”) plays a great part in our success.

So, what do we mean by that? This is the short answer: Amsa Hospitality was born not so long ago in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is home to over a millennia old tradition of hospitality and generosity, where welcoming travelers with an open heart is a must and honored enjoyment. We want to bring globally this great tradition to the 21st century through the mean of a hotel group, Amsa Hospitality, for the world to rediscover and enjoy true Arabian hospitality.

That’s the short version!

If you want to understand in more details the philosophy behind Amsa Hospitality and its slogan “Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality”, allow me to direct you to the weekly blog published on our Web site at, starting this coming Thursday 12 May 2022.

From this Thursday, and every Thursdays afterwards, Amsa Hospitality’ Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Alathel, will publish his thoughts about our industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and of course globally.

His very first post explains how he came with the idea of Amsa Hospitality, why he wanted to build an hospitality group like the region has never seen before. His following blog post (next week Thursday) tells us more about what he wants to achieve in the long run.

I can only advise you and our followers to read it: Like me, you’ll be amazed and excited by Mohammad’s vision – very much in line, by the way, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.

Q: I’ll make a point to go regularly read Mohammad Alathel’ blog, and I urge our followers and readers to do the same and tell their friends and colleagues about it! Can you now tell us about Team Amsa, as our colleagues at Amsa Hospitality are called?

A: Well, yourself being a Team Amsa member, I’m sure you could say tons about it! n a nutshell, Amsa Hospitality is a growing group of individuals who share Mohammad Alathel’s vision. We all come from different horizons and walks of life, but we all have at least one trait in common: We are passionate! We are passionate about hospitality in general, and Mohammad’s unique vision in particular.

If you think about it, how many times in anyone’s career do we have the privilege to work on such an exhilarating project?

I could go on and on talking about Team Amsa and what makes us different from all our competitors in the way we live Amsa Hospitality – if I may say so. But I believe that all the time we have for today.

Thanks Denis Sorin, Amsa Hospitality’ President of Hospitality. Let’s get back to this exciting topic and more in a couple of days, when we’ll meet again!

And for you, Amsa Hospitality followers and readers, I look forward to having you with us – more of your questions will be answered.

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