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Amsa Hospitality believes that in-room technology is the way to go!

In-room technology will soon allow guests to interact with their surrounding in a new way. Amsa Hospitality is working on that!

It always caught me to see new innovations and technologies.

And when it comes to the hospitality industry, we see that there is a race to keep pace with this modernity.

One of the interesting things that I was reading about is how interactive walls and spaces will be commonplace in the hotels of the future. Hotels of the future will integrate walls that will react to guests’ movements in place of traditional wall art. They will also incorporate interactive wall space that will function as an information desk: For instance, tourists can look up attractions, restaurants, and activities in the surrounding areas. Interactive wall space could replace the traditional in-room entertainment systems, and guests will be able to interact with the wall to watch television.

Imagine interactive smart hotel rooms that are constantly changing based on guest expectations. How amazing is that!

Rooms enabled with smart features will be the standard in hotels of the future. Room amenities and features will be voice or gesture controlled. Heating or cooling systems will adjust based on in-room heat sensors. You should be able to adjust room lighting to your preferences with a simple touch or a command. The ability to change the lighting colors in your room will help provide that personalized, immersive experience. Requests for room service or extras will be via a tablet, touch screen, or through voice commands. These rooms will be the ultimate in personalization.

How much comfort do you think this will bring to guests?

It reminds me of one of Amsa Hospitality strategies that ensures adopting the latest technology to provide the best services for the best guest' experience ever.


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