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Amsa Hospitality wants to make guests' life easier!

Amsa Hospitality support hotels digitalization such as keyless entry

We’ve all been there.: That moment when, after an endless day of meetings or exploring, we trudge up to our hotel room, eager to take a shower and enjoy some peace and quietness, but just as we approach the door, we realize we can't find our room key. We frantically search our wallets and pockets several times over before, at last, giving up and heading back down to the front desk to have them issue us a new one.

This frustration is exactly what the recent advent of digital hotel-room keys is seeking to eliminate for hotel guests. With a digital key, guests only need to pull out their smartphone to enter their hotel room.

On the other hand, digitization in the hospitality industry is on the rise due to technological advances, and partly because of the pandemic. As the public has become accustomed to contactless services, the expectations of the guests have changed: The pandemic has given them a taste of the comfort that digitalization brings.

A 2021 survey of hoteliers in Asia, Europe, and North America revealed that 70% of respondents were looking to digitalize hotel information and 57% wanted to digitize the check-in and check-out process.

Digital registration and check-out procedures mean guests no longer have to fill in forms when they arrive, and they may settle their bills online when they check out.

For check-in, some properties opt for a process where guests receive an email that links them to a registration form they can complete at their convenience prior to check-in. An added benefit is that your property improves its sustainability.

We can say that digitalizing the guest experience in simple ways such as digital registration and contactless technology services has become the norm.

At Amsa Hospitality, we are always keen to provide the best service to our guests, taking into account saving their time and dealing with the best options that meet their needs in line with our sustainable values by using eco-friendly technology.

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