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Amsa Hospitality: more tech streamlining and integration!

Amsa Hospitality supports green technology

I previously talked about automation and how companies and society should go paperless. But to use technology in everything does this mean that we have achieved sustainability? I was reading about global warming and climate change, as well as about technology negative impact.

Around 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from the IT industry, which is equivalent to the aviation industry. The competition for energy is increasing since the sector is rapidly developing.

Going greener is significant because it positively impacts not only the environment but also your global business practices: The more energy your company consumes, the more you pay, hence the lower your income is.

When following a sustainable approach, you can save thousands and leave a less harmful ecological footprint.

So the question now is how to achieve information technology sustainability?

Cloud Computing!

Virtualization helps to use less amount of computing resources while doing the same amount of work usual servers do. It allows several users to connect to one physical server and get more work done because its utilization is optimized.

Purchasing from Environmentally Committed Companies

It is significant to opt for those companies committed to ensuring high standards and environmentally responsible practices when developing their computers. It goes for design, production, packaging, and recycling the machines after their life has ended. When choosing the infrastructure for the office, check the Energy Star rating.

Although these devices might be a little bit expensive, their life cycle is longer, and they guarantee smooth work, helping businesses to be more sustainable.

At Amsa Hospitality, we make sure that our Team is fully aware of how to deal with technology sustainable practices. We are continuously working on a green plan to achieve green value.

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