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For Amsa Hospitality, efficiency behind the scene is what matters!

At Amsa Hospitality, we believe that training is what makes the difference to achieve total guests satisfaction

We all agree that cleanliness is everyone’s No. 1 priority when staying at a hotel. The majority of your guests place a high value on housekeeping, which greatly impacts their satisfaction.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) implementation encourages alignment between your company's objectives, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction. They reflect your company’s values and culture while serving as an asset to enhance your hotel’s online reputation.

It's interesting that some thinks giving the staff a list of tasks is enough. I found it tricky because if tasks are not specific, each room-attendant can interpret task requirements differently. A “clean the room” task might mean a basic wipe-down for one attendant and a thorough scrub for another. Since each task directly impacts customer satisfaction, we don't take that risk.

Three measures should always be taken carefully, according to Amsa Hospitality:

Quality control and consistency. Control performance management, and personal accountability. Train your employees and minimize turnover

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