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Amsa Hospitality checks what guests want when selecting a hotel!

Amsa Hospitality pays much attention to guests requirement when selecting their hotel

For guests, finding a suitable hotel requires taking into account a variety of different factors.

At Amsa Hospitality, we studied guests requirements, and found out that they usually look for these...

Hotel location:

The location of the hotel is, of course, the first and most crucial consideration. For instance, when on vacations, guests chose a hotel that is quiet and convenient to the area's attractions. For business travelers, it goes without saying that they prefer to be close to wherever it is that they will conduct their business. Mohammad Alathel Amsa Hospitality Chief Executive Officer, discusses this topic in detail on one of his Thursday blogs (Location, location, location... it's not that simple)

What the hotel offers:

Hotel's amenities should be taken into account as the second most crucial component. Guests will check if the hotel includes these little extras they want, like a pool and free WiFi. They consider accommodations that provide further perks like room service and laundry services. The more value they get for their money, obviously, the better.

Hotel Transport Services:

Perhaps one of the most important factors they keep in mind when searching for a hotel is what hotel transportation services offer and if parking spaces are available.

Many people forget to check this and arrive at their hotel only to find out that there is no private parking for guests and that they must spend an additional hour each time they return, seeking a public parking place. The majority of public parking lots have a short-stay policy, which means they must relocate every few hours and pay for the time they are there, in addition to the associated fees.

At Amsa Hospitality we take these factors into consideration to ensure that guests spend an enjoyable time with the best experience they can get.

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