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Amsa Hospitality: sustainability is our culture!

Amsa hospitality: Sustainable Enterprise

Today I enjoyed reading an article by Coen Bakker. Coen raised the issue of sustainability and addressed it in a beautiful, simplified and comprehensive way.

The article, dealt with more than one topic in sustainability like, reducing food waste, health & education, plant-rich diets, distributed solar photovoltaics (rooftops), recycling...etc.

Perhaps the most important aspect covered in the article is when he says...

"Sustainability as a guest experience.

Turning sustainability into an experience in your property can become an even greater asset. Inhouse awareness training enables staff to breath the same story and provide insights on taken actions on what the hotel incorporates and values: Guests can be taken on a sustainability journey throughout the hotel; how the rooftop vegetable garden is fertilized by natural fertilizer from the hotel’s separated food waste. How green energy is produced on-site from food waste in an anaerobic digester, heating up the swimming pool water. And as a tours gift, guests are given a branded goody bag containing a local community product, such as a bar of soap, a plant-based recipe book with the restaurant’s signature dishes, and a small branded and storytelling bottle with plant food from the hotel’s food waste streams to energize guests’ plants and veggie garden back home"

This is exactly what we seek to achieve at Amsa Hospitality. We are not only a green organization that maintains sustainability, it is a culture that we practice in our dealings with our employees, business partners, and also our guests. We want sustainability to become a daily practiced culture.

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