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Amsa Hospitality: digitalizing the hospitality industry!

Amsa Hospitality supports AI and new technologies all the way in its hotels

I stumbled upon an article that discusses a serious and controversial topic that may be considered a pivotal change point for many.

The author raised a very important question: "The question is, will hoteliers learn from their mistakes in the past, and finally start investing adequately in technology in 2023?"

In light of the rapid change and development that occurred, especially after the epidemic, we have encouraged the rapid change, especially from the hospitality industry, to adopt technology greatly, let's say that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation by 10 years.

But this is still not enough. The hospitality industry still has a lot to do. Digital transformation saves a lot of new time and the environment if we use it in the right way, as we see that technology has provided us with many services and programs that enable us to practice sustainability and save a lot of wasted money in the long run.

At Amsa Hospitality, we always try to remain on top of the latest technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) development: As a sustainable company, we make sure that digitalization helps us being green as much as possible.

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