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Amsa Hospitality: Embracing green guests!

Amsa Hospitality supports guests search for a more sustainable hospitality.

I was reading the other day an interesting fact that in recent years, we saw a rise in awareness among hotel guests, especially after COVID-19: Guests have become more selective than before, and based on a study conducted by Luxury travel agency network Virtuoso, 82% of them said the pandemic has increased their desire for sustainable travel.

70% even added that sustainability boosted their stay location selection.

While the term "sustainable tourism" is tossed around with increasing frequency, sustainable travel refers to tourism that supports the natural and cultural heritage as well as the economic viability of destinations. Not only is sustainability essential for our collective future, but tourists are demanding it.

According to the digital travel platform, over half (53%) of global travelers want to travel more sustainably in the future, and the company expects to see a more eco-conscious mindset in 2021 and beyond, as coronavirus has amped people’s awareness of their impact on the environment and local communities. In fact, over two-thirds (69%) of respondents anticipate that the travel industry will offer more sustainable travel options.

At Amsa Hospitality, we inspire guests to remember that everyone is part of one global family and that we are embracing the future together, as one.

This is what guides us in all our projects, deals, and overall culture.

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