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Amsa Hospitality concerned by global water supply scarcity!

Global water scarcity: Amsa Hospitality is dedicated to protect the environment

Did you know that Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river? When I found out this interesting fact this morning, I immediately wondered how the Kingdom manages its water supply and what is the impact on the environment.

On both counts... pretty well! Engineer Khaled Al Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) said last March that "Saudi Arabia has been increasing its investment in clean energy, power and water. In the water sector, we have integrated the water desalination and wastewater treatment and have been expanding our capacities across the industry." After listing all that has been done the past few years (and it is impressive!), he goes adding: "[In 2022} we have approved more than 60 water and sewerage projects, worth more than SR35 billion, that will increase water desalination capacity as well as increase strategic water reserves, and the capacity to treat more wastewater in the coming years."

On the environmental side, the Zawya news Web site explains that the Saudi Arabia’s National Water Strategy adopted a sustainable approach to the water sector, committing to safeguarding the natural resources and the environment of the Kingdom and providing cost-effective supply and high-quality services.

Unfortunately, worldwide things are not as good. What's more, the hospitality industry has a constant high water demand. At Amsa Hospitality, we acknowledge the fact that water scarcity is predicted to worsen globally by 2050. This is the reason why we applaud the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to provide quality water to its growing population. This is also the reason why protecting the environment, and hence quality water supply, is one of the top priorities for all of us, at Amsa Hospitality, a committed citizen company.

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