Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality

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Amsa Hospitality, Daad line
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Born in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom with a great vision, Amsa Hospitality is the outcome of one man dream:

Developing the very first hospitality group that will bring the celebrated ancestral Arabian tradition of welcoming and generosity to today's world.

For the first time ever in the hospitality industry history, thanks to Mohammad Alathel's vision, the world can now appreciate the Arab cultural heritage with a true 21st century mindset:
Great friendly yet highly professional service, mouth-watering dates, pleasing incense, tasteful meals, fascinating Arabian-inspired design, all served by the most up-to-date, user-friendly technology. 



Hospitality is all about people, about exceeding expectations.

The world renown centuries-old Arabian hospitality is about welcoming guests genuinely, with a smile that comes from the heart.

To ensure every day this genuineness, Amsa Hospitality' philosophy is simple:

We want our guests and partners to feel good and proud to be dealing with us.

For that, there is no secret.

Each and every mate of the Amsa Hospitality Team, regardless of their position, looks forward every morning to their work day ahead - a great happy mix of fun and top professionalism!

Amsa Hospitality' unique way can be summarized in three words:

We genuinely care. 

Amsa Hospitality, a citizen company with core Values to live by

Because Amsa Hospitality is a vision come true, the values we are all living by are demanding:

  • Together, we embrace our heritage of generosity and caring

  • Together, we are committed to make a difference

  • Together, we share ideas to always be the best

  • Together, we make our work environment open, fun and relaxed

  • Together, we live as valuable members of our communities

From green initiatives to serving our communities or always looking for the most out-of-the-box and efficient solution, Amsa Hospitality Team mates are dedicated to ensure that their colleagues, investors, hotel' owners, clients, guests and partners have nothing less than a first-rate experience when dealing with us.
Even if only for a limited time!

a citizen company

values to live by

Amsa Hospitality partners only with the best.

Only the best also when it comes to selecting international hospitality groups to operate selected hotels.

For instance with the Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) with the exceptional Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport that achieves continuously no less than the surroundings of 9.0 rating on Booking.com!

The Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is the perfect example of Amsa Hospitality philosophy:

Innovative yet traditional design, excellent service internal / external customer oriented, unique experience,... Amsa Hospitality' hotels redefine modern Arabian hospitality lifestyle.


Amsa Hospitality is all about being better in everyway:

Our approach, the Amsa Way, characterizes standards that put us apart from the competition - from Team mates to investors, hotel' owners or operators.

Working and dealing with Amsa Hospitality is not only the assurance of being ethical in any possible way, but also a guarantee of long-term achievements through our root commitment to our associates' success.

Amsa Hospitality partners only with the best

A different approach to hospitality

innovative, efficient, yet generous

 Amsa Hospitality is different at its core: 

 Thanks to our exclusive vision of bringing centuries old Arabian   hospitality of welcoming and generosity to today's world, we are   doing business with a truly innovative mindset. 

 We are inventive, constantly thinking out of the box, always   searching for the best solutions while always ensuring that our Team   mates, business partners, and suppliers profit from dealing with us. 

 This is the unique Arabian way adapted to our modern world. 

 This is the key to Amsa Hospitality success. 

Hallmark Of Arabian Hospitality