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Hallmark Of Arabian Hospitality

Amsa Hospitality logo
Amsa Hospitality, Daad line
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Born in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom with a great vision, Amsa Hospitality is the outcome of one man dream:

Developing the very first hospitality group that will bring the celebrated ancestral Arabian tradition of welcoming and generosity to today's world.

For the first time ever in the hospitality industry history, thanks to Mohammad Alathel's vision, the world can now appreciate the Arab cultural heritage with a true 21st century mindset:
Great friendly yet highly professional service, mouth-watering dates, pleasing incense, tasteful meals, fascinating Arabian-inspired design, all served by the most up-to-date, user-friendly technology. 

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people first

hospitality is about people,

about exceeding expectations

Above the Clouds

citizen company

great values to live by

based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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partnering with the best

an unique business model that promotes 

win-win partnerships only with the best

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hospitality, only different

innovative, efficient, generous
simply the hallmark of Arabian hospitality

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