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Ons Jabeur: Amsa Hospitality success model!

Amsa Hospitality shares with Ons Jabeur the will to succeed at the highest level
Ons Jabeur, highest-ranked African and Arab woman tennis player in ATP and WTA rankings history

Even if tennis and the Wimbledon tournament only remotely interest you, you couldn't have missed Ons Jabeur feat, on 27 June of this year, who succeeded in being the first African and Arab woman tennis player to be ranked world's No. 2 by the Woman Tennis Association (WTA).

I must say that I'm not a tennis fan myself, but I couldn't help being interested by Ons success: Unless you are a tennis aficionado - which, once again, I'm not -, you've never heard of this young woman before this 2022 Wimbledon edition. Of course, she didn't get to that level overnight - she started playing tennis at 3 - according to her Wikipedia page -, and worked hard to reach that level, winning one tournament after the other, first small then medium, then bigger to eventually reach the top: The No. 1 tennis tournament is the world, Wimbledon.

Ons Jabeur said it herself: She would have never been able to succeed without being supported and continuously coached. This is what she said about coach Bertrand Perret: "He tries to improve my good shots, not change what I do."

It reminds me of what we are doing here, at Amsa Hospitality. We work hard, we help each other because our aim is similar to Ons Jabeur's: Being at the top of our game - we succeed because we are one team, working together as one, to successfully achieve our goal: The only hallmark of Arabian hospitality!


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