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Amsa Hospitality: developing people, competencies, caring!

Mohamad Mandili, Amsa Hospitality newly appointed Head of Human Resources.

Today, I am happy to welcome Mohamad Mandili, Amsa Hospitality recently appointed Head of Human Resources. First, let me thank all of you - our followers and readers - for the warm welcome you reserved Mohamad when I announced his hiring a couple of weeks back. That was heart warming! As you know, Amsa Hospitality is first and foremost a "people company", as Denis Sorin, our President of Hospitality, explained when I met with him last May (I urge you to read this blog interview that is listed at the end of this post: it is a great background to better understand Mohamad Mandili views!). At Amsa Hospitality, not only do we totally change the Arabian hospitality concept, but we also have a rare approach to Human Resources. Let's see what Mohamad has to say about it: Q: Mohamad Mandili, first, let me express my happiness to have you join Team Amsa. Last Sunday, you presented to all of us what looks like a massive Human Resources (HR) reorganization plan. Can you tell us more about it - specially to our followers and readers who were not in the room with us?

A: Thank you Shaimaa. I’m thrilled to be part of Team Amsa, and I’m confident that together we can add a lot of excitement, enjoyment, and build an even better workplace.

Back to your question about my plans to reorganize Amsa Hospitality' Human Resources department, what I was presenting to you were the fundamentals of HR and part of the HR department’s role. This is what we must develop to reach the Amsa Hospitality Human Resources vision from my point of view. A vision that says: Providing a better work experience to all Team Amsa members. We believe in helping our colleagues to reach their full potential with Amsa Hospitality.”

Q: Sometimes it's hard to complete long-term HR projects without challenges and disruption. How do you usually deal with that?

A: OK... Excellent and exciting question Shaimaa.

Challenges are something I really enjoy because it makes us think differently, out of the box; but also, once you have a solid action plan and clear vision, everything will be easier to achieve thanks to Amsa Hospitality transparency - one of the company's core Values, am I right?

Q: How do you see yourself with Amsa Hospitality's working style as a hybrid organization concept?

A: I like the hybrid style a lot, and I fully support it. Also, I am very proud to be part of Amsa Hospitality, one of the first companies that adopts this working organization in Saudi Arabia. A hybrid management style helps our people be productive and give them freedom and all the trust, responsibility and accountability they need to be effective and efficient in their work. It allows us to develop everyone's skills which leads to being much more efficient and proactive in our daily routine. It's great! Very much on line with the Kingdom's exciting "Vision 2030", I believe.

It was a pleasure meeting with you, and once again welcome to Team Amsa! And for you, our readers and followers, let's meet again with Mohamad Mandili, Amsa Hospitality' Head of Human Resources, soon he has a lot more to say!


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