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At Amsa Hospitality, we believe workplace should be a perk!

Amsa Hospitality supports the hybrid work model for employees to feel better

I was reading a really nice article today about workspaces and offices after

COVID-19. It is interesting how this virus could quantum leap the way of work in such a short period of time.

Now that individual companies and even entire industries are moving to get employees back to their office at least a few days a week, they are looking to create workplaces that are incentives in themselves — spaces that are designed to make work more efficient, more collaborative, and more pleasant. They’re using residential and hospitality trends to do it.

It's amazing how hybrid model can offer flexibility and empower employees to work to their strengths, which in turn boosts productivity! By encouraging a culture that views remote work as a positive alternative to completing deep-focus tasks in the office, teams can find a good balance of creativity and collaboration.

At Amsa Hospitality, we know solving the office conundrum is not easy, and in all likelihood, it will be impossible to make everyone happy. But it’s important to remember that going to the office never really worked for everyone, therefore we have our own unique style in our hybrid offices, to ensure the appropriate atmosphere for everyone to be enabled to achieve their goals.

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