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Amsa Hospitality: protecting the work / life balance!

Amsa Hospitality is working hard for all Team Amsa members have a happy and successful work / life balance

Personally, I suffer from love of work and excessiveness sometimes, as was the case with most of Team Amsa members.

Do you blame us?

While it is wonderful to have colleagues who are fully committed to their work, there may come a time when an employer realizes that a high performing employee is a workaholic. A workaholic typically has a compulsive obsession with his or her job. Workaholism can cause physical and mental ailments to the workaholic, as well as disruption in the workplace. Employers who feel that one or more of their employees is a workaholic will find it helpful to follow these steps to resolve the situation.

What makes a workaholic?

To be considered a workaholic, individuals must have a “compulsive need to overwork and rarely feel satisfied or relaxed unless they’re doing something related to their job,” according to, a resource operated by leading addiction treatment provider Elements Behavioral Health. To reduce the anxiety and fear they feel, workaholics immerse themselves in work. It is important to note that workaholics are not the same as people who work hard at their jobs; the central difference is that the need to work is compulsive rather than healthy and controlled.

The number of people who suffer from work addiction isn’t known. There are a wide range of estimates due to lack of agreement in how to define and measure this disorder. However, offers the following summary of industry findings: “In a 2011 systematic review of the scientific literature, researchers at the University of Southern California and Nottingham Trent University, in the U.K., estimated the overall prevalence of workaholism among U.S. workers to be roughly 10%…. Another literature review estimated the prevalence at 8% to 17.5% among college-educated workers.

That's why Amsa Hospitality Human resources department (HR) is taking this issue seriously. Strict instructions were applied to the Team Amsa members to ensure their mental and physical health.

To know more about this policies and instructions, stay tuned for our next interview with Amsa Hospitality Head of HR Mohamad Mandili.

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Amsa Hospitality: developing people, competencies, caring!

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