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Amsa Hospitality: standing ovation award!

Amsa Hospitality believes in guests engagement by developing a successful reward program

What is the best experience you ever had with a rewards program?

To answer this question, let's see why does customer loyalty experience matters:

Guest loyalty should always be at the forefront of hoteliers’ minds, as it helps foster an environment that allows for sustainable growth. When guests continually return to a property, not only does the hotel benefit from boosted occupancy and revenue, it allows hotel staff to develop relationships with guests. This helps the hotel's team to better anticipate guest needs and can set a property up for a better guest experience.

When shoppers, travelers, or other consumers are exploring options, they often look to current and past customers for input. In fact, according to a Bright Local study, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and the hotel industry ranks No. 2 among industries in which consumers are most likely to have read reviews.

And that what's Amsa Hospitality offers its guests more personalized, instantly tangible rewards that incentivize guests to partake in a variety of actions (beyond the booking decision).

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