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Amsa Hospitality: social responsibility obligation!

Amsa hospitality is supporting green tourism and sustainable hotels

I was reading about how the impact of global warming can today be considered a major risk for both corporations that may lose revenues and profits, and society as a whole.

It is thus critical for governments, but even more so for corporations, to become more sustainable, not just green, but real sustainable business models.

People are becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental and social issues.

According to the Tourism Industry Intelligence bulletin, published bi-monthly both in Trinidad and Germany, 20 percent of the revenue generated from tourism in developing countries is due to eco-tourism.

More than half a billion dollars of tourist expenditure to destinations such as Hawaii was due to eco-tourism, added the publication. Eco-tourism activities, such as diving, generated more than one billion dollars a year.

As a green company in its roots, we are aware of the dangers of excessive use, which affects the lives around us. Therefore Amsa Hospitality is keen to apply the best way to present an image that reflects a sense of environmental responsibility to embrace the three elements of environmental awareness - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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