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Amsa Hospitality: 'people company' more than ever!

Mohamad Mandili, Amsa Hospitality new Head of Human Resources
Mohamad Mandili, Amsa Hospitality' Head of Human Resources

I guess it is no news to anyone that Amsa Hospitality is all about people: We even discussed it at length with Denis Sorin, our President of Hospitality, few weeks ago in these pages!

This is the reason why we are so thrilled that Mohamad Mandili is joining our team as Head of Human Resources (HR).

Of course, Mohamad is an accomplished HR expert with a great professional track record.

As you know, joining Amsa Hospitality means a lot more than 'only' being good at what you do. You need to bring more, like enthusiasm, the will to always aim higher, always better, always a team player. After exchanging briefly with him, I can tell you that Mohamad doesn't lack of great ideas to make our Human Resources department an industry leader.

Once Mohamad settles down, I'll ask him few questions that I will relay to you in a few weeks time: You'll see that Mohamad Mandili will fit perfectly within Team Amsa!

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