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Amsa Hospitality: recognizing our No. 1 asset!

Amsa Hospitality appreciate employees

What an exhilarating feeling every morning when the bellman opens the door for me with that wide smile every morning. This smile and cheerful spirit really make my day!

And that leads us to an important topic: Employees are the most important assets of an organization.

This is true because the success or failure of any organization depends upon its employees too. The importance of an employee in hospitality industry becomes more significant because of its nature- manpower intensive industry. In the hospitality industry, it is very important to stay focused on employees' performance and know how to enhance that performance.

Therefore, hotel employees aren’t disposable resources, they hold a paramount importance; they are the ones who have the most contact with guests. They are less likely to strive to greet their guests warmly if they themselves have always received a cold shoulder from their supervisors.

Therefore, managers should extend support, compassion, and resources towards their employees, thus they will use those tools and resources to enhance the guests’ experience.

Disinterested staff behavior not only gives cold vibes to the visitors, but it can contribute to a higher staff turnover.

We know at Amsa Hospitality that hotel management requires a lot of effort, experience, skill, knowledge, and patience. Therefore our hotel managers are vigilant, watch for problem areas, anticipate consumer demands and deal with all these problems tactfully. They are open and alert to emerging technologies and trends in the industry that we are actively integrating into our hotels to provide the best possible experience to our guests.

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