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Amsa Hospitality: home sweet home!

Amsa Hospitality promote lifestyle hotels

I am sure that many of you read Mohammad Al Athel (Amsa Hospitality Founder & CEO) blog last Thursday:

He talked about digital automation and how we must listen to what truly our guests want. (This is the link to catch up)

Mohammad mentioned a very important part:

"Guests will no longer expect hotels to provide only clean room and good food, but to become a place to live in, even for those living in the neighborhood"

And this leads us to the main stone of hotels:

Personalization. Hotels’ most desired element and the cornerstone of the enhanced guest experience. Hospitality is currently running a marathon. To pioneer and stay relevant, more and more hotels are investing in creative ways to provide personalized experiences to their guests.

Throughout our research, we have noticed that guests do appreciate their stay when they can select their preferences digitally.

This takes us to the point that the hotel is no longer limited to accommodation only, rather, it has become the place of the beloved guest who enjoys a cup of coffee while working or a lovely meal with friends, a quiet peaceful time and place that makes the guest happy as home.

That's what we do at Amsa Hospitality by personalization the hotel’s outdoor and indoor experiences.

We offer living the whole true Arabian hospitality experience the generosity and caring which is demanded to make our guests feel at home. We are strongly promoting lifestyle hospitality.


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