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Amsa Hospitality: the guest self-service era has officially begun!

Amsa Hospitality wonders if guests service will be fully automated in the future

An article got me wonder if really everything will be one day self-service!

In an article titled "Studies Show That the Guest Self-Service Era Has Officially Begun", Venkat Sakamuri explains how self-service evolved from vending machines to Now: "Self-service technology goes above and beyond in its attempt to streamline experiences for both customers and businesses and eliminate traditional barriers to information and service. Using platforms and technology like service kiosks and mobile check-in, keyless room entry, AI-powered robots, smart speakers and thermostats, and AI-powered assistants allow hoteliers to provide key services without the need for human interaction while reducing operating costs, increasing profits, and empowering hotel staff to focus on more meaningful guest touchpoints".

According to a 2019 survey from Forbes, 88% of companies believed that ‘self-service’ would be the fastest growing channel in customer service by... 2021! But surveys are rarely presented without a degree of spin, so should we be wary of the State of Native Customer Experience Report being presented by Unbabel. After all, the company specializes in producing a customer service product that allows enterprises to understand (and be understood by) their customers in a dozens of languages.

Amsa Hospitality was established from the ground up to be green and up-to-date with technology. Also, the Amsa Team has created a management and work style that has innovative and unprecedented ideas in this regard. In your opinion, will switching to 100% technology make things go better in the future!?


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