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Amsa Hospitality: Energy as a Service, exploring the possibility!

Amsa Hospitality Energy Savings as a Service program

In my last post, I talked about how guests have gained a higher interest and awareness by choosing a stay that emphasizes sustainability commitments.

To follow up, I was reading today about a new trend known as Energy as a Service (EaaS) which is one tool of automation, with smart devices minimizing unnecessary use of things like electricity, heating, and cooling. It’s all part of the emerging EaaS concept.

An interesting 'Raconteur' article discusses this issue in more detail, citing in particular Professor Healey:

"But what impact will it have on the current structure and hierarchy of the overall utility sector?

No one can be sure where it will go, but certainly the business models of the large utilities will have to change dramatically over the next five to ten years to keep up with the changes.”

As the market continues to move from fossil fuel-based, centralised generation to distributed, greener power, he adds, the sector will see more new suppliers entering the market to offer services locally at a lower cost, utilising local generation supply."

The future of the energy-as-a-service model promises new revenue opportunities, given the increasing demand for electric vehicles, smart cities, and energy storage growth.

At Amsa Hospitality we endorse and adopt modern technologies and leverage sustainable initiatives in our projects to be up to par with state-of-the-art concepts.

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