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Amsa Hospitality: "Different is Better Than Better"!

Amsa Hospitality DNA is to be different to be better than better

A topic caught my eyes that day by Shep Hyken, Customer Service and Experience Expert.

Allow me to quote some of his article:

"It’s not that you are different. It’s what you’re willing to try that’s different. It might give you a competitive advantage, and more importantly, it will set you apart from others."

That reminds me of one of the greatest campaign in the history by Apple:

"Think Different" campaign, which ran in a wildly successful manner from September 28, 1997, until 2002. The campaign kicked off by the Crazy Ones ad, will go down in history as one of the greatest feats of advertising.

And that's exactly what Amsa Hospitality is about.

Thanks to our exclusive vision of bringing centuries old Arabian hospitality of welcoming and generosity to today's world, we are doing business with a truly innovative mindset.

Therefore We have our own work management style with the best leaders to direct it, with making sure that our uniqueness reflects on what we are doing.

To know more about Amsa Hospitality vision and management style, find out Mohammad Alathel blog where it was discussed in details.

Hallmark of Arabian hospitality: a well defined vision (

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