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Amsa Hospitality: being better, but how?

Amsa Hospitality, different to be better

Amsa Hospitality is definitively a different company: Look at my recent posts. I'm sure you're thinking that recently we are obsessed about sustainability! Which is true as we are aiming at becoming a 100% green office before the end of the year. That's a challenge that the entire team took onboard. Everyone is coming with new ideas and new plans. If it carries on like that, we'll be greener than green before the end of summer!

And what about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you'll ask me? Well, that's a subject that Mohamad Mandili, our new Head of Human Resources, will discuss with you and me soon. After Mohammad Alathel, Amsa Hospitality's Founder & CEO, and Denis Sorin, President of Hospitality, who both talked recently about it in these pages, it will be interesting to look at Mohamad Mandili views on the issue.

Don't you believe so? What do you think Mohamad Mandili should work on first to make Amsa Hospitality not only the hallmark of Arabian hospitality that we already are, but also a CSR leader?

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