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Amsa Hospitality recruits an Executive Secretary!

Amsa Hospitality recruits!

Housekepeer Executive

Job Location:Saudi Arabia                                                                                8 Years of experience             

Employment type: Full-time                                                                            Industry: Hospitality


Job Summary:

  • As a Housekeeping Executive in Amsa Hospitality, your primary objective is to ensure impeccable cleanliness, hygiene, and orderliness across all corporate hospitality facilities with highest standards.



  • Develop and implement standardized housekeeping procedures to maintain cleanliness in all corporate hospitality spaces.

  • Monitor and manage housekeeping operations.

  • Ensure compliance with health and safety standards in all housekeeping activities.

  • Foster a culture of excellence, teamwork, and continuous improvement within the housekeeping team.

  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide constructive feedback.

  • Implement KPIs to measure and improve housekeeping efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Conduct regular audits to ensure adherence to cleanliness standards.

  • Address and resolve guest and employee feedback related to housekeeping services.

  • Manage housekeeping budgets, including staffing, supplies, and equipment.

  • Optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Provide ongoing training to housekeeping staff inside all Amsa Hospitality properties on best practices and new technologies.

  • Identify opportunities for professional development and career advancement within the team.

  • Ensure compliance with all operations policies, regulations, and industry standards.

  • Assess and manage operations risks and implement mitigation strategies.

  • Proactively partner with guest services and Front Office team to anticipate guest needs and exceed expectations through exceptional service.

  • Develop and implement guest-centric housekeeping practices, such as personalized amenities, turndown services, and tailored cleaning schedules.

  • Train and empower housekeeping employees to become brand ambassadors, fostering positive guest interactions and delivering exceptional service that reflects Amsa's hospitality values.

  • Implement guest recognition programs and gather feedback to personalize the housekeeping experience and cultivate guest loyalty.

  • Develop and implement comprehensive infection control protocols to ensure the highest hygiene standards across all Amsa properties.

  • Implement and enforce safety protocols for handling hazardous materials, chemicals, and equipment.

  • Conduct regular safety training and drills for housekeeping staff, ensuring preparedness for emergencies and minimizing workplace accidents.

  • Integrate eco-friendly cleaning practices and products into housekeeping operations, minimizing water usage, chemical waste, and energy consumption.

  • Develop and implement recycling programs for linens, towels, and other housekeeping materials.

  • Partner with vendors who prioritize sustainable practices and ethical sourcing of cleaning supplies.

  • Educate guests about Amsa's sustainability efforts and encourage eco-conscious choices during their stay (e.g., towel reuse programs).

  • Measure and track the environmental impact of housekeeping operations and set ambitious goals for continuous improvement.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Leadership

  • Attention to Detail

  • Communication

  • Problem-Solving

  • Adaptability


To be considered for this role, you need to meet the following criteria:


  • Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management or related field.

  • Relevant certifications in housekeeping management will be an added advantage.

  • Enjoys being a team mate and assisting colleagues of all ranks and profiles is a must.

  • Ability to work under pressure is a must.

  • Good humored is a plus.

  • Enjoys working in a multicultural environment is a must.

  • Be sustainability-conscious is a must.


Important notice:

 Due to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Labor Regulations, priority will be given to applications coming from Saudi Nationals.


You want to apply?

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Disclaimer: Amsa Hospitality will never ask for money or any form to charge our candidates just to process or consider their application for any of our available vacancies. If you receive such a request from any staff members or other individuals claiming to be part of Amsa Hospitality, please drop us a message on our Website –

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