As a committed Citizen Company, we put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our code of conduct.
We pledge to implement the highest ethical values such as honesty, fairness, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect.

We want to be knows as “one of the best of class“.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement, we see the communities where we live and work as being an important part of everything we do:

We pledge that our business activities will never harm them, and that we actively participate in making them a better place to live in.

As part of our pledge to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we support the “4 Caring Ps”:

  • People
  • Partners
  • Preservation (sustainability
  • Planet

We aim at being recognized as the best company to deal with.

Eco-innovations are at the heart of our Research & Development efforts:

All green innovative ideas are welcome from anyone working with us, regardless of their positions and duties.

We believe in empowerment, we think that all sustainable ideas are to be noticed and are a step in the right direction.